Laura, Duchess of Manchester
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This site Simulates the Glamour and status for which Laura Smith hungers with all of her little heart and mind.  

Laura, Duchess of Manchester, has lived a life fraught with excitement and change. As a young girl in Holly, Michigan, she dreamed of being discovered to be a lost princess.  Today Laura has plumbed the reality of dreams and here you read about that emotionally tumultuous journey.  Laura's story touches on multiple issues relevant to our world today and is worth your careful attention.  
Laura Smith, who married Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, family name Montagu,  days after he had divorced, with the hopes of receiving spousal support from Wendy, who he had shamelessly taken advantage of since he entered her life on April 17, 1992, stayed in the marriage because she felt trapped.  Alex stayed because she was his meal ticket, allowing him to squander all of the money, not that much but at least something, he received from the Manchester Trusts, on himself.  Ducal Income

I had stopped doing updates on Laura because she said she was returning to her solidly middle-class family in the farmlands of Michigan.  But, naturally, she lied.  

Laura is now engaged in an attempt to persuade the public that she is a real member of the English aristocracy.  There is not a shred of truth to this, despite how she uses images of their former glories, which were already seeping away at the beginning of the 20th Century. 

See Laura's FaceBook Page as Laura, Duchess of Manchester

See her sad website, which she put up while still ensconced in Las Vegas.  She is obsessed as posturing as a 'Duchess.'  Rest assured, her real life is not so elevated.  It is interesting that on facebook she is attempting to find subjects which draw ordinary Americans who appear to be good-hearted people.  

But her income is coming from the ongoing attempts to libel and slander me and so I will be monitoring her activities again and those of her husband and the group of people who were being paid by the NeoCons who don't like being exposed for the wrongs they are doing to so many others.  

Laura and Alex have been invited to be guests on Entitled-Elites, a Show which will air on 
Freedom Interactive TV Network when we go live next year.