Laura, Duchess of Manchester
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Laura Ann Smith

This site is here to publicize the largely covert actions of Laura Ann Smith Montagu, now estranged from her husband, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, who is incarcerated in the prison system of Nevada.  

Compiling Laura's cooperative efforts to defame and destroy me would take too long to itemize here.  

None of us has a right to impose on others, especially victims of the wrong-doing, a silence maintained as their slanders and libels continue.

I have always been a person of good character, an activist for the rights of others and for freedom. While raising children I ensured my family had healthy meals, sewed most of their clothes, was active at their schools and ensured they participated in community organizations which provided them with appropriate activities.

I strongly suggest you read these documents so you can understand who Morgan really is.  

Deposition - 2001 - In the matter of a lawsuit for which she gave evidence.  See Page 24 where she admits to having a borderline personality disorder. In fact, she is appears to be psychopathic, as was her biological father, my first husband, Richard Barteaux.

Tape of John Fund and Morgan, then Pillsbury September 1999
   As you listen it is clear the two of them both lied to me and I knew nothing of their relationship, refuting Fund's slander I had sent Morgan to NY to seduce him for some bizarre reason.  

 You can validate this by googling my name and looking over the sites I, myself publish.  I also had a growing readership until my firmer husband and his co-conspirators began libeling and slandering me. 

The fact is, my time and resources have been severely limited because I am the full time caretaker for my disabled son, Arthur.  Arthur suffered two major brain injuries which left him with life-long disabilities and he needs care 24/7.  What kind of person would try to make it even more difficult to carry out duties which, without support, make working anyplace but near him impossible?  These are the kind of people joined in the conspiracy.  In large part, they live lives of privilege and are wealthy.   

Until these actions, initiated by my former husband, Craig Franklin and his co-conspirator, Dan O'Dowd and the cadre involved in the fraud to steal the company of which he was, and remains, president in 1998, my reputation was unsullied.  

​Others have since found it profitable to assist these original conspirators, among them Morgan Gell, an estranged relative of mine, and others engaged for the purpose.  

Laura took part in this ongoing conspiracy to defame me.  Morgan Gell is clearly disordered and has admitted such in a published deposition.  

Laura, we understand, is actually largely responsible for the content of the site maintained by Gell, linked here, and others also defaming me.

Laura is liable unless and until she takes steps to heal the breech she has created.  

If these representations about me have been made to you please email me with a statement including these representations for inclusion as evidence in a lawsuit now being sought. EMAIL

These acts constitute a conspiracy to defame and destroy my effectiveness as an activist and to reduce me to poverty, so limiting my ability to defend myself. I take this very seriously and promise action is being taken.  

Here are some of Laura's other sites, all examples of her sad pretense of social standing via the Manchesters.  

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