Laura, Duchess of Manchester
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Laura's illusions and wish to live these out, despite the overwhelming evidence of criminal activities on the part of her husband, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, are not supported by the facts.  None of us has a right to impose on others, especially victims of the wrong-doing, a silence maintained as their slanders and libels continue.  

Laura took part in an ongoing conspiracy to defame me and others in which she was joined by Morgan Gell, a relative of mine who is clearly disordered and has admitted such in a published deposition.  

Laura, we understand, is actually largely responsible for the content of the site maintained by Gell, linked here, and others also defaming me.

If these representations about me have been made to you please email me with a statement including these representations for inclusion as evidence in a lawsuit now being sought.  EMAIL

These acts constitute a conspiracy to defame and destroy my effectiveness as an activist and to reduce me to poverty, so limiting my ability to defend myself.  I take this very seriously and promise action is being taken.